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About Us

Shekeeb Gulf FZE prides itself as a company driven by excellence in brand development.  This key differentiator is at the core of our vision and business activity.  Within our portfolio, we hold a combination of brands and concepts for which we are either franchisers or authorized distributors.  As creators or developers of brands in multiple markets, we offer a simplified business model supported by marketing and communications expertise to deliver both return on investment and sustainable growth. 

In consumer electronics we are distributors for most of the primary brands and several secondary brands. We work very closely with manufacturers, principles, providing distribution services and facilities, and also providing a valuable service in marketing products in many markets.

Our in-depth, wide experience of bulk trade distribution, sales, and service centers ensures that the purchase experience for our clients is risk free, error free and stress free. Our service creed is to get it right first time, every time. And that's the essence of our belief.

Our major strengths lie in:

  • Buying power

  • Global sourcing expertise.

  • Superlative Supplier Contacts.

  • Large Stock holding

  • Serving all over globe with operational excellence.

Our aim is to replicate our success in the global market by supplying goods of leading quality brands in all distribution points

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